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570kg, 260HP from a 1.5L race engine in a Prototype fiberglass shell.

What more can you ask from a car?

Fun, entertaining and extremely competitive, the SR3 is perfect for drivers who want to step up their game and prepare for higher categories like GT3 and LMP3/2.

The excellent power/weight ratio and refined aero allows lap times comparable to a Porsche Cup or Ferrari Challenge at a fraction of the cost, and the lack of any driving aid makes it a very formative experience


Since the launch of the Coupe R8 Gordini in 1966, Renault Sport has been an ever-present on the racetracks of Europe and the rest of the world. Sales of several thousand copies since 1991, the five generations of the Clio Cup have earned recognition for their performance, reliability and accessibility.

Brand new Clio Cup 5 directly from Renault Sport, 1.3L Turbo Engine, 200HP, Sadev ST-82 5 speed sequential gearbox with gear stick

Full support from Renault Sport via the UAE dealer GPX

Expected faster lap times compared with the Clio Cup Gen 3 thanks to the lower weight and increased torque

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The Clio Cup it's one of the staples of the front-end closed wheel motorsport history. With 15 one-make championship around the world the Clio Cup it's the perfect first approach to competitive driving.

Slick tires, 210 hp engine, Sadev sequential gearbox and the absence of any electronic driving aids it's the best way to learn how to drive on the track and gain experience than can be useful also on more powerful cars.

Our cars has won the last 2 NGK Champonship in class and has been maintained regardless of the cost, in order to stay always at the top of the podium.

Maybe it's not the sexiest racing car out there, but it's definitely one of the best!